Sunday, November 13, 2011

Audio on Village Website?

Recently Alex Bay Mayor Robb revisited the idea of making the audio from meetings available to the public via a new village website. This was originally suggested at the 2.22.11 village meeting, this concerned businessman urged the board to upload their audio on the village site. He went on to say that even though my blog had the audio of the meetings, visiting my blog was and unpleasant experience.  Why the board allowed this guy to use their meeting as his personal platform to criticize the content of  the circus boggles this bloggers mind. He also referred  to Newzjunky as a megaphone to the North Country

The village has had a website for several years now. It was created in a knee jerk reaction to commentaries regarding local politics posted on and the circus.  The board wanted their own website to post meeting minutes, announcements, and use it as a means to refute comments made on the local blogs. In the beginning, the village site did upload typed meeting minutes but usually several weeks after the meeting coinciding with the availability of  Hard copies of the minutes at the next meeting . The occasional ordinance revision has also been posted. The posting of current information became less frequent and finally the only pertinent information was the yearly schedule of village meetings and sometimes the recycling schedule.

The village does not need a new website, the one they have now is capable of doing what they want and more. If the mayor and the board want to upload their audio and link it to the village site, I think this is a good idea.  I even offered to help show them how to do it.  Like anything else, the more you do it the easier it gets.  Some have a misconception of blogs and websites...I call this misconception  the Field of Dreams, Just because you build a website is no guarantee that people will visit it or even like it. Kind of like the circus.