Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Memory Of Douglas W. Wood

I will miss you Doug Wood. One of my best memories was working together on a string quartet score, for the song "Searching" off the 1st BuoyRocker CD. I basked in the glow of feeling your satisfaction and pride, that came with something you had always dreamed of accomplishing. ~ David Knapp

Doug my friend, you are where I will travel someday, many memories with you. So its ok, go in peace knowing, that you have touched so many. You will always be in our lives. ~S.M.

Doug Wood taught us how to laugh and that laughter is the best medicine. ~ R.S.

In 2000 Doug was asked to write the score for the String Quartet part in this BuoyRocker song titled "Searching".  Doug spent weeks writing and developing this score and then directed Agnes McCarthy and the Trillium Quartet, something he always wanted to do.  I was asked to build a video around this song in Memory Of Doug Wood.......

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