Monday, September 2, 2013

Zany Outlandish and Foolish

Those are some pretty accurate descriptors of the local town politics.  You could also add stubborn, ruthless, selfish and so on.  If by chance any of the candidates are entering the political arena to make a positive change, then I applaud you.  However be aware that if the person that runs this town and village does not want you to implement those changes then all your good intentions will die "on the floor" with your motion.  I am not going to get into who he is, just go back and read that wonderful letter to the editor that is circulating around.  He only controls the weak minded and I am never going to become one of his minions.

I have been watching the local politics for several years.  The village has made some progress, along with making corrections as a result of the Comptrollers Audit.  The town on the other hand is mired with bullies, thugs and idiots.  Maybe there will be some change after the election.  But I sincerely doubt it.... not with one man operating all those puppet strings.  I would like to say that I am done with politics, but lets just say I am taking a respite from all the slime.

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