Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wintry Thoughts

It was around 5pm when I finished clearing the driveway of snow. Lots of snow at the entrance, courtesy of that snow plow guy that gets his jollies winging as much snow as he possibly can as he comes around the corner! I decided to reward myself with a beer as I stood in the middle of my driveway. Inspecting the crisp edges of my snow banks, I was pleased and I know my dad would be proud that I took pride in my sculpted rows of snow.

I spent some time pacing my driveway scuffing my boots in the snow and taking notice of the sun as it was setting behind the trees. This sunset was beautiful in a wintry evening kind of way, and the temperature was pleasant.... so I had another beer and enjoyed the sun as it set behind the trees,  that had fractured limbs from that ice storm. 

As I sipped my frosty cold beer,,,,, I noticed how much better beer tastes when you have worked out doors. Paced and scuffed my feet in the snow some more and then marveled at the sunset once again. Then I thought..... my neighbors must think I am strange..... pacing, scuffing my feet, staring at the sunset, drinking a beer..... WAIT A MINUTE..... I am not strange...... THEY ARE...... because they are not seeing through my thoughts.... to bad for them.

Side Note: The fact is, I am strange and I embrace all my quirks.  I plan on nurturing my strangeness, hoping that it grows into eccentric... I want to thank all the people that have helped me along the way. Your actions of alienating me have in fact set me free. 

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