Saturday, February 8, 2014

Here Ya Go

The following is the second duplicate comment left on my blog by Mr Thomson.  For the most part his comment is an accurate account of our discussion last Saturday night.  I never did mention who's phone I overheard the conversation on.  I did not publish Thomson s first post because he incorrectly guessed who he thought initiated the phone call that I was allowed to listen in on.  The duplicate comment below has been redacted to remove that persons name.  The white text with black background is text that I inserted to clarify Thomson s post.

For the most part, readers comments to my blog post are almost non-existent.  So when someone does leave a comment, followers of my blog do not go back and check for comments.  Obviously, this is pretty important to Mr. Thomson, so I turned his comment into a post.  That way nobody will miss it.

In my post I made several personal observations, for example: about the Town board being under the spell of Mr Thomson, I find it interesting that Mr Thomson did not want to dispute that remark.  Therefore it must be somewhat credible.... Interesting.  The only factual comment in my post In The Dark was Thomson s remark I Hate That Guy that he questions in his comment below.

Ron Thomson has left a new comment on your post "In The Dark": 

I spoke with Mr. Cummings....... Saturday night in regards to this post. I told him that saying you “hate” someone is something that I have stressed to my children over the years they should not say. I told him that whoever told him I said that was incorrect as I hold myself to the same standards I expect my children to hold. He then told me he heard me personally say it. That was extremely puzzling since my conversations with Mr. Cummings have been very limited over the years until he clarified the circumstances of his hearing me say it. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX had called me 10 or 11 months ago to discuss the water rates the Village was in the process of setting. Mr. Cummings said he was not comfortable with the fact that XXXXXXXXXXX put his cell phone on speaker phone so that Mr. Cummings could listen in but he chose to listen anyway. At some point XXXXXXXXXXX suggested having Mr. Cummings put the proposed water rates on his web site. I do remember disagreeing with XXXXXXXXXXX as to that NOT being a good idea but do not remember saying that “I hate that guy”. I told Mr. Cummings “If you say I said it, I’ll take your word for it”. I then apologized for making the remark, shook his hand and told him if he wanted to quote me any time in the future to please just call me.

Ron Thomson 

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