Saturday, August 14, 2010


A friend sent this to me.  I thought it was an interesting should provoke some thoughts.  If it doesn't, then you better check your pulse....

A reply from email:

Before I forget, the "Tired" piece you had on the Circus was excellent. Dead nuts right on. Now to move on. I was up in A-Bay August 1,2, and 3rd and had a great time as usual. Stayed at the Rockledge, very nice people. I like going up to the Islands because it is a nice little get away and not that far. I tell everyone to go up when they ask about an idea of where to go.

But its always great to get away from the Buffalo area. You write about the parking issue. In Buffalo, the city has paid nearly $2 million in health insurance premiums for 152 deceased employees, some have been dead for up to four years, talk about idiots. And then this morning I put the 6:00 AM news on and hear about 8 people getting shot and 4 dead. This happened in the Downtown area, luckily this didn't happen in the afternoon, it happened at 2:30 am outside a bar/restuarant.

So thats why I like coming up to A-Bay. A nice little get a way , where the residents treat you nice. Proves to me that there are actually civilized people left in New York State. Never had a bad word to say about the north country.