Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tall Tale About A Rail

At the VB meeting on Tuesday July 27th, The DPW Supt. asked and  received permission to construct a stair rail for Riley's restaurant.  The picture below was taken today.  I am guessing that the rail was installed on Friday.  Do any of you know a welder that can fabricate a railing like that in less than 2 days.  Who ever did the work did a nice job......about a $500 job.  If the property owner is responsible for the sidewalk, and if the owner put in the stairs....then the owner is responsible for the railing not the taxpayers.  Why a wheelchair ramp was not put in instead of stairs is beyond me.  That is also discussed in the audio below....  I am also thinking that railing was fabricated way before the Tuesday VB meeting.  That was one Whale of a Tall Tale Told on Tuesday.....

From bad sidewalks 7.31.10

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DS said:
There are more than 5 things that do not comply with NYS Building Code/ANSI 117.1 shown in this photo. Is there a code book in the village offices?