Thursday, August 12, 2010

You've Got NO Mail!

Mr. Lampman addressed the Alexandria Town Board last night.  Here is the audio of what he had to say.....

Channel 7 interview with Mr Lampman after the meeting.

 Kris Rusho from WWNY has more on this story.

Did you know?
"U.S. Postal Service® will continue to deliver mail addressed to a deceased person until we are notified of a change in delivery preference......"

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"I delivered mail down there for several months during the late winter and early spring. I do not see what the issue is at all. I could turn a school bus around down there (although we didn't go down into there) I see no problem turning a vehicle around, which we used to drive to deliver mail, or the noisey little mail truck. Maybe the Postmaster should concentrate more on getting the rural mail out on a more timely basis rather than worrying about something that is more the Town Supervisor's problem, IF, there really is a problem."