Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Village Dock Security Resigns

I have been going to the VB meetings for 3 years [+]  and the agenda format of the meetings has always been Pledge, roll call, public concerns, correspondence, minutes, payroll, trustee reports, old, then new business.  Last night a letter of correspondence was intentionally not read when it should have been.  It is an embarrassing letter and was saved to be read at the end of the meeting when there was just a couple of people to hear it.  If it was read when it should have been, there would have been more than a dozen people to hear it and I would have recorded the content of the letter.  But never fear.....I managed to get a copy of the letter ......

Enlarge the Vimeo video so that you can read the letter.....

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From Facebook:
Don't they just realize that by not reading the letter and saying there is no correspondence until people leave embarrasses them more than actually having read the letter to begin with?