Saturday, July 31, 2010

Village Sidewalk Ordinance

"Most of the village sidewalks are in such a state of disrepair".  This past week, a lady trips, falls and breaks her leg on the walkway while leaving a downtown shop.  The mayor says that he can make them [business owners, residents] fix their sidewalks.  Well??  Listen to the audio from last weeks VB meeting and enjoy the slide show of some of our sidewalks.  Including some Village owned sidewalks.  Lead by example.....

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RM said 


Just two questions,

1) If the property owners are responsible for the sidewalk in front of their property, are they liable for injuries if someone is injured due to lack of maintenance on said sidewalk?

2) If the answer to the above statement is yes, why is there an issue with putting signboards on THEIR sidewalk? if someone trips over the sign, would not the property owner be responsible for any injuries incurred? Why is the Village even having a discussion about signs on PRIVATELY owned property?