Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello! Welcome to Alex Bay

No Welcome message?  Just the rules!
Scenario #1
A boat approaches our village dock.  The boater and it's occupants may be welcomed to our new docks, but more likely they will go unnoticed as the boat slides into a slip.  Everyone gets out and they all disappear onto James St.

Scenario #2
A boat approaches our village dock.  A dock attendant runs down the dock and eagerly stands between 2 cleats with arms stretched out waiting to catch a thrown line.  The attendant lashes the line to the cleat, then reaches into a pocket and hands the captain a small manila envelope.  The first four hours are free, but if you stay longer  you can use that envelope.  Poof!  The attendant is gone.....

I could offer more scenario's but you get might point.  What ever happened to the meet and greet?  Hello!!!! welcome to Alex Bay.  Is this your first visit to our new dock?  [this might prompt a "what happened to the old one" from the boater]  Of course it depends  if the boater is a regular or new to the area . The attendant could give a very brief story of the old dock.  If it is a regular.....the chatter could go on.....Not sure if you have noticed, but we have taken the old benches out and replaced them with new ones!  Will you be visiting our village for the day?  There are no dock fees for the first four hours of your visit.  Depending on the boaters plans, the dock fee schedule can be explained and an envelope can be given to the captain.   Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!  This is  Not to difficult to do....just a little P.R.

Training?  The dock attendants get very little.  If a big boat comes in and it is windy, the attendants become invisible.  That boat represents a lot of money.....nobody has taught the attendants the "how to or what to do"  with the lines on a beast of a boat.  They are not given an example of the meet and greet, like the one I outlined above.  They get the these are your hours and here is your shirt, and remember the label goes in the back.....

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A comment that can be found on Facebook: JP said......I probably contribute more now that it is voluntary than before when they charged fees. Dock attendant training is non-existent. I have had to ASK for an envelope. Worse, they allow huge gaps between vessels that prevent efficient dock utilization. Why do I need to shout, "Hey, could you move that boat back a couple cleats," in order to find a space? Why are jet skis in the center of a 40 foot section of dock? Who is in charge?