Saturday, July 10, 2010


I know from conversations that I have had with many of you who read my blog, that 99% of you just do not feel comfortable making comments.  Regardless of whether you agree, disagree or do not understand what my point is, most of you just think about it and leave it at that.  I used to think that a measure of my blog was the number of comments each topic received.  That is no longer the case.  There is the 1% who leave anonymous comments that really have nothing to do with the topic.

Two nights ago there was a comment waiting for my approval.  The comment below was made under one of the topics that had to do with the recent bar sting.

Do you think the local PD should be looking into drug sales and watching over our town, or sitting in the barracks watching television?

I read that comment and even though it had nothing to do with the bar sting, I approved it.  I am sure that there are drugs in our village.  Every community has some degree of drugs.  Do I think that our Police department should ignore this problem.  Nope!  The new police bikes were a great idea.  They are always on stealth mode and the officer is exposed to any funny smells as he patrols areas of the village that the cruisers can not travel.

This person continued by commenting:

Is that why you are always walking downtown instead of driving - or do you just want the exercise?

I posted my own comment:
I do not drink and is against the law and I also have a target on my back.
The Blog has created that target

My anonymous friend countered with another comment
Are you saying the police have some reason to look out for you, or do you have some sort of target on your back?

Sometimes I am a little slow.  It took me a few minutes to realize what this person was getting at.  I decided at this point that enough was enough.  There are one or two idiots that can not stand me and will do or say anything to stop me from blogging. Even if I choose not to approve a comment, I still have to read them first.  It gets boring reading and then rejecting the crap.   Not that it will matter to most of you, but the comments are disabled.  To the few idiots that hate me so much as to try and accuse me of doing something illegal....your barking up the wrong tree.

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