Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pro Shop @ Town Ice Arena

In an effort to create more interest in the Town Of Alexandria Ice Arena,  the Town Board has approved the purchase of 10 Bumper Cars.  The construction of a storage area is also out for bid to store and maintain the bumper cars which can be used on and off the ice.  All that needs to be done is remove the studded tires and replace them with non-studded tires.  Total cost for the bumper cars, tires and shed will be about $85,000 or so.  The arena will be the first in the region to have the bumper car attraction.  I think it will take all depends on the marketing!

That being becomes very clear that the arena has lots of spare ice time that is not being used by figure skating clubs, hockey, and recreational skaters.  That is the whole reason for the bumper cars.   So what is the sense in even considering a pro shop at this time?  Maybe a pro shop might be a good idea several years down the road when the bumper cars have rekindled the interest in our arena.  Maybe it is also not a good idea to convert a first aid room into a pro shop.  I would think that first aid would be a priority over anything else......Bids have to be submitted for anyone interested in opening a pro shop.  If there is only one bidder, then that should also be a clear message to the board.......there is no need for a pro shop at this time.  Thus far, the only person expressing an interest in bidding on the pro shop is Town Councilman Hunneyman [who also suggested the arena needed a pro shop in the first place] :~)