Saturday, July 10, 2010

Garbage IN.....Garbage OUT

This started several weeks ago.  Some of you may have had personal experience finding one of your garbage bags left behind with the orange rejection sticker placed on the bag.  This is how it started.....garbage placed on the curb attracts varmints that rip into the loose bags  looking for something to eat.  This leaves a mess that attracts more varmints.  The village has a skunk and raccoon problem and garbage not placed in sealed cans is one of the main reasons for the increased population of these scavengers.  Village ordinance says that garbage has to be placed in cans with lids and then set at curb side no earlier than 7pm the night before garbage day.  Several weeks ago I got caught in this garbage sting and  received an orange sticker.  I took my rejected bag to the last board meeting.  I stated that I have always complied with the garbage ordinance....I also convinced the board that there is such a thing as clean garbage.  What is clean garbage?  It is garbage that does not contain anything that will attract scavengers.  I had some fun with my garbage bag.  Just be careful that you are not a chronic offender of the garbage can will find yourself on the garbage offender LIST and not given any latitude.

There are other lists that you may or may not know about.  More on that later