Friday, July 23, 2010

Puppeteer Becomes The Puppet?

The audio clips in the movie below  span from the June 22nd VB meeting to the July 13th meeting.  During that time a letter to the editor was written by Sally Crews, followed by a rebuttal letter written by Alex Mosher.  It is not what Alex said in the audio [even though I thought what he was requesting was reasonable]  And it was not what Ron Thomson said.....his statements are not really the issue here either.  What is the issue, are the two opinions at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Some will agree with Alex, while others will agree with Ron.  What I find most interesting is the man in the middle....riding the fence.....creating this mess.  As decide.....

***there are gaps [of no sound] in the audio, at the beginning and in the is intended to be that way