Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Short Version Meter Hearing

I understand that most of you do not have the patience or the interest in listening to a 16 minute public hearing.  So I have condensed it into less than a minute....56 seconds!  This clip is my slant/opinion from last nights hearing.  To me something is fishy.....Mr Martin came to a VB meeting 1 1/2 years ago with a complaint about those meters.  The board did nothing about it then and Mr Martin never followed up on it.  At the July 13th 2010 VB meeting, parking meters C16 and C17 appeared as new business and the public hearing was scheduled for last night.  Trustee Roy read the amendment which clearly was prepared by Village Attorney Gebo.  It became clear to those of us present at the hearing that this was going to be a done deal after the hearing closed.  Some of the VB wanted to pass this amendment come hell or high water.  It was tabled pending further research...

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