Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blame Yourself

For the past 3+ years I have attended 99.9% of all the village board meetings.  I sit in the front row, with my digital recorder, camera, video recorder, and clip board.  Attendance at the meetings is usually sparse.  All the board members, Chief of Police and DPW superintendent are all very aware that I am recording those meetings.  They also know that those recordings are shared with anyone that reads my blog.  It is all part of the Sunshine Laws.  It should come as no surprise to any of them, when they hear their voices on this blog.

But, some of our elected [or appointed] officials continue to make ridiculous statements and try to make them sound like facts.   For example:  The mayors recent comments about the bikers, Trustee Drakes opinion about drinking before noon,  and of course the DPW Superintendents remarks about his workers ethics when he is away. Call me funny, but I curb what I say, and it's tone depending on where I am.  Dropping "F" bombs in the bar but not in church...... get my drift?
Look in the mirror!

Thanks for going to all those meetings and sharing the information, and I love your blog, but I don't always agree with you.  Those are the comments I get from people.  For the most part, I just share audio and video of those meetings and keep my comments to a minimum.  Sometimes I am more vocal with my opinions.  It all depends how much a topic bugs me.  Lets just say that the past few board meetings have really pissed me offStirring the pot and Shit Stirrer are what some think I do.  Some think that I am single handedly  bringing this village down and ruining business by airing our dirty laundry.  There are those of you that do a much better job at that!  Some of you are trying to make me accountable for YOURS or OTHERS actions and words.  I have said before and I will say it again...... If you don't like me or my blog,  don't read it.  It is as simple as that!