Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Korner Now Serving Breakfast

The Korner is now open at 6 am serving breakfast till 11:30 am.  The same great menu is available throughout the rest of the day and evening.  Be kind to Krista the cook......opening day she got a parking ticket because she arrived to work before 6 to prep for breakfast.  November till April there is no overnight parking on village streets.  This allows for easier snow removal.  OK, I  agree the village needs this ordinance.  But how about a little common sense? A couple of quick ways to see if a vehicle is a violator, is to check for snow on the windshield and or check to see if the engine is still warm.  Don't forget to take your mittens off when doing this check!  Some village officials might argue that she could have parked in the long term parking lot.  The DPW has plowed a path through that lot, but it does not allow for safe parking.  Common Sense Please!