Saturday, February 19, 2011


I received this email from Cheryl Vanbrocklin this evening:
On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 11:35 PM, wrote:
Finally...the community after all of the bull crap shows support....there is a picture to prove it...and what do you pair it with but a totally inappropriate picture...RIDICULOUS!!!! I have spoken to many bikers about whether or not they support the bikers weekend from here on out...and I have told them that we love having them here and they are ready to boycott....and they are welcomed because they bring a lot to our community.,..and then you show some picture that makes them look just like the mayor would like you to portray them with their asses hanging out and all...we have never had ANY problems with the bikers here in ABay and you create more problems in this community than anyone I have ever met!!!! Crawl back into your circus tent until you have something reportable to help this village!!!!

In these economic times, can we really let these people take their money to another community?

Do you support this community or do you want to condemn it? You take one statement from a whole conversation and make it represent an entire community...that's crap....if you don't like what happens here you are welcomed to move....many people try to make this their home and their livelihood, and you continue to ruin it. ONE STATEMENT DOES NOT REPRESENT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY....IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE MAYOR...THEN AS A VILLAGE TAX PAYER YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES...QUIT YOUR BITCHING AND MAKE CHANGES ON VOTING DAY!!!! Don't take down an entire community in the mean time....

You are nothing but a pot aren't around when shit hits the fan...give me a break....I am not a village tax payer but I work in the village and rely on the tourism our village takes in. YOU DON' let the crap rest!!!

This is not about Terry Robb....this is about our community as a whole....we support the bikers and we support anyone who wants to come to our village!!! Thank you and AMEN!!!