Saturday, November 7, 2009

Town Board Meeting Audio 11.4.09

Public Concerns: None
Zoning Hearing postponed till December
Work on Subdivision: postponed till December
Fuel Bids: postponed till December
Looks like the December meeting is going to be busy busy busy....
Rt 12 Sewer status and committee 2min:57sec
Lots of discussion on this agenda item!
Logo in the arena for High School....Town to kick in $91.33....20min:20secs

Road name change for Wellesley Island. 20min:31secs According to the agenda it is once again in our lap!  Change Tennis Island loop to Pines Loop and Boathouse Road to Tennis Island Road. The board was surprised to discover that Tax Mapping for Jefferson County has no jurisdiction over private roads.  The board has to authorize the change then submit it to Tax Mapping. Yet, according to Councilman Durand, the board had studied this issue to death [22min:40secs].  The board is split on this resolution!  Tabled!

Property owner approaches board for removal of a portion of his Benefit Assessment Redwood Water District 26min:30secs.
Highway report: 30min:46secs
PV Array NYSERDA Application 32min:30secs
Executive Session 34min:50sec

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