Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Your Invited to the Town Board Meeting

But you better bring an interpreter......the board, their engineer, and  lawyer are speaking a different language.   It is Greek to me!  I admit it....I get lost with all the fancy acronyms.  The meetings are fast paced with tons of jargon.  I sometimes wonder if that is all done on purpose.  Some times people use big words or acronyms to puff themselves up intellectually.  I call that BS which is an acronym for.........!  Here is a quiz for you.

Does IMA stand for Institute of Management Accounts, International Massage Association, Institution for Musical Arts, or none of the above?

Does EDU stand for the domain name for EDUcation?  Yes or No.

True of False:  PV array stands for PhotoVoltaic array?

In 250 words or less please describe a PhotoVoltaic array?

The acronym  O and M stands for Operator/Maintainer,  Oxygen-to-Metal, Oxide Melt, or Operation and Maintenance?

Bone up!  Your going to hear all these terms when I upload the audio from tonight's meeting.  No wonder nobody goes.  It is like listening to an Italian opera.  It sounds good but you can't follow the story.

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