Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comments About The Closing of Keewaydin

Below are some random comments that I grabbed from the Petition to Keep Keewaydin Open!
If you have not signed the petition....Please Do So


This is the plan for Northern New York? Close the parks, the hospitals, and the prisons, and cover the lake, the river, and waterfront areas with industrial wind turbines? This will create jobs? It makes me wonder if our politicians have our best interests at heart.

If you close Keewaydin not only will we lose the pool where many of our children learn to swim by taking swim lessons there, but also it will hurt the local restaurants. When you're in the business it is a well known fact that if it rains the campers flood the restaurants. Please reconsider!!!

state parks are one of the cheapest ways for families to go on vacation

Penny wise and pound foolish

short sited, prejudicial to upstate, NOT balance with downstate sacrifices
At a time when the economy is so bad and most families cannot afford vacations they can afford to camp and last year records were broken with camping families. Do Not take away the only form of vacation that so many families can only afford. We need our campgrounds and parks left open. If you do close them people will still use them and if someone gets hurt or killed they will probably sue the state for not maintaining and supplying safe areas.

The 1000 islands are Gods Heaven on earth ! don't close the parks

Instead of closing our parks which provides "real" jobs, eliminate the state money that goes to Foreign Wind developers and fund the parks.

Closings have to STOP, this area can't take anymore closings!

I own a restaurant / Ice Cream stand across from the entrance to Keewaydin State Park. This will affect our business drastically. What about all the sales tax the state will be giving up ? hope this closure won't affect our business as much as we think it will.

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Anonymous said...

It appears that Kevin Kieff is the one who chose to close the Keewaydin. It wasn't Gov. Patterson.