Monday, March 8, 2010

Locals To Blame For Village Problems

I have been blogging for almost 4 years.  I used to get upset and take things to heart when anonymous posters would make comments about me or my family.  One group of anonymous idiots went so far as to issue our priest an ultimatum.......Don't let Cummings do the mass readings, he is a mean spirited person and not very Christian.  He is an embarrassment to the church.  Well......I am still doing the readings, and no less a Christian than the people that wanted me excommunicated!  Judge me.....I do not give a rats ass  [Sorry Padre and Doc].  But that all took place several years ago.  I have been hit with that and so many others that I am desensitized.  I let the comments from the nameless roll off me like a duck sheds water.  But the comment below was posted anonymously last night.....It is so wrong on many different levels!  It almost kept me from getting a good nights sleep.......I said almost!

Why is it that most of the problems Alexandria Bay has, stems from the locals? Hmmm. If you do not like the police force..MOVE!!!

Locals?   Who is this person talking about?  Are locals the second or third generations that have lived here forever?  Or does Local mean just anyone that happens to live in the village, no matter how long?  Or are the locals the few that drink alcoholic beverages? I could go on and on....wondering?????

To me, Locals are the community, the tax payers, and the voters.  The village belongs to them and not just the politicians [elected or otherwise] or their significant othersIf a group, whether small or large disagrees with a village issue, why are they viewed as THE PROBLEM.  This is Alexandria Bay New York 13607 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

There's too many men, too many people
Making too many problems


Nick said...

I felt the same way when I saw that. What exactly do they mean by problems? Does it bother them that people get involved if they disagree with what's going on? I think the more people involed in the decision making the better. Even if I don't agree with someone on an issue I still want to hear their opinion and why they feel that way. Sometimes they might even change my mind.

jim cummings said...

I agree with you Nick....but here lies the difference! You, me and people of the same mentality encourage independent thinking and then there are those that want to squash it....DEAD

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have never had and independent thought?